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How to Repair a Cracked Retainer: Expert Guidance & Tips

Once you are done with the braces or clear aligners, it’s time to put on the retainers! It will give the final touches to your dazzling and perfectly shaped smile. But this final step needs immense care, precaution, and maintenance. But often, we don’t take much care of retainers. Because we get tired from the long orthodontic treatment, we overlook the prominent signs of wear and tear in the retainers.  In fact, research by Angle Orthodontist reveals, Upper bonded retainer failures are a frequent problem.

Unfortunately, a simple crack in ignored retainers can lead to consequences later.  Cracked retainers, if not mended at the right time, will not only give you discomfort but also create crevices that would be a mammoth task to clean.

In this blog, you will learn such nuances of cracked retainers and find out how to fix a cracked retainer. We will also cover the signs, options, and what to do if it breaks permanently. Let’s dive in.

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