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Are you looking for a cosmetic orthodontic solution that delivers exceptional results without sacrificing aesthetics? Look no further than Radiance Plus® at Dr. Braces Orthodontics. This latest generation of Radiance boasts enhanced features and technological advancements that make it the clear choice for patients in Alexandria, VA seeking high-quality and effective orthodontic treatment.

Clear Sapphire: The Clearest Ceramic Twin Bracket Available

Radiance Plus is made from pure, grown sapphire, one of the hardest materials in nature, second only to diamond. This unique material is honed and polished into a remarkably strong and aesthetically pleasing bracket that’s nearly invisible on the teeth.

A recent study appearing in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics rates Radiance Plus as the most translucent of all monocrystalline brackets tested. This makes it the clearest ceramic twin bracket available.

Improve Orthodontic Results with Radiance Plus Brackets

Radiance Plus is an excellent option for orthodontic treatment due to its outstanding performance and strength. With its ideal mesial-distal width on maxillary centrals and cuspids, it offers superior rotational control without compromising aesthetics. This ensures accurate and satisfactory results for patients.

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Reduced Risk of Tie-Wing Fractures and Easy Bracket Placement

Radiance Plus brackets also come with improved tie-ability, making them less likely to suffer from tie-wing fractures. The brackets’ latex-free Visual Positioning Aids (VPAs) make it easy to place them accurately and quickly without any staining risk associated with other color coding systems.

Solid Core Structure for Strength and Durability

The heat-treated, monocrystalline formation of Radiance Plus brackets gives them a solid core structure that contributes to their strength and durability. Additionally, a proprietary heat polishing process removes any microvoids or flaws on the bracket’s surface that could compromise its integrity. This means that Radiance Plus brackets can withstand stress without suffering from torque fractures, making them more than three times stronger than polycrystalline ceramic brackets.

Patented Quad-Matte™ Base for Easy and Predictable Debonding

Radiance Plus brackets are made from a single crystal of pure grown sapphire, making them nickel-free. Their patented Quad-Matte™ base allows for a strong bond in the center of the pad and a weaker bond on the edges for easy and predictable debonding.

By choosing Radiance Plus brackets, orthodontic patients can benefit from exceptional performance, dependable bonding, and superior strength, resulting in a successful and satisfactory treatment experience.


In summary, Radiance Plus offers the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and performance. This makes it a top choice for patients in Alexandria, VA seeking clear, durable, and effective orthodontic treatment. With its exceptional rotational control, dependable bonding, and strength, Radiance Plus is a game-changer in the world of cosmetic orthodontics.

So why settle for anything less than Radiance Plus? Contact Dr. Afsaneh at Dr. Braces Orthodontist here or call (571) 467-6453 today to see if Radiance Plus is right for you.

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