At Dr Braces, our goal is to provide exceptional orthodontic care in Alexandria, VA, catering to patients of all ages. We understand that each individual has their own needs and financial considerations, which is why we offer a variety of payment options including in-house financing, to ensure a fulfilling and convenient experience.

To help our patients manage their budgets effectively, we provide the opportunity to meet with a Treatment Coordinator. This dedicated professional can help you review your financial situation. She can discuss options such as down payments and monthly instalments, and make suitable arrangements based on your specific requirements.

It’s worthwhile to note that the cost of treatment can vary depending on several factors, including the nature and severity of orthodontic issues. Prior to commencing treatment, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all fees involved. This transparent approach ensures that you have accurate information to make well-informed decisions regarding your orthodontic care.

At Dr Braces, we believe in rewarding our patients. If you pay for your services in full, we offer attractive discounts. Additionally, if you refer our practice to your family members and they become patients, both you and your loved ones can enjoy a 5% discount. This is a token of our appreciation.

We offer convenient in-house financing options, allowing you to divide the total bill into manageable instalments over a predetermined period. The best part is that we do not charge interest on these payment plans, making orthodontic treatment even more accessible.

Furthermore, we accept most PPO insurance plans, including Cherry and CareCredit, ensuring that you can utilize your coverage for orthodontic services. For added convenience, we also accept all major credit cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, and FSA) as a convenient payment method.

At Dr Braces, we are committed to providing quality care while accommodating our patients’ financial needs. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please visit our contact us page here.

In-house Financing


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