Discover a Personalized Boutique Orthodontic Experience

Visit our office and embark on a journey towards a stunning smile, tailored to your unique needs. Here’s what to expect at our orthodontic office:

Consultation Appointment

Step into our world of exceptional orthodontic care, where every patient is treated with personalized attention. Begin with a tour of our state-of-the-art facility before our team takes images and records of your dental health. Dr. Rangiani will conduct a thorough exam, assessing jaw discrepancies, crowding and spacing, overbites and underbites, TMJ health, and your orthodontic treatment needs. We’ll also discuss whether you’re a candidate for Invisalign. This 30-45 minute appointment is always free, ensuring you make the best decision for your health and well-being.

Invisalign Treatment Appointment

Once you and Dr. Rangiani decide on Invisalign or braces, your journey to a radiant smile begins. Our cutting-edge Itero technology eliminates the need for impressions, scanning your teeth and providing a preliminary view of your new smile in just 30 minutes. We’ll send the scan to Invisalign and create a tailored treatment plan, considering your specific needs.

Treatment planning and aligner manufacturing take 3-5 weeks, followed by an appointment for attachment and aligner delivery, lasting 45-60 minutes. Dr. Rangiani will monitor your progress every two months, ensuring your treatment is on track. Aligner duration varies based on case severity. Once your treatment is complete, we’ll remove attachments and provide your final retainers.

teen with Invisalign aligners

Braces Treatment Appointment

Dr. Rangiani will discuss your preferences for bracket types, including our popular gold brackets, offered by only a few clinics in the DC Metro area. This 60-90 minute appointment involves teeth preparation, bracket placement, and wire adjustments. Enjoy a comfortable experience without injections or numbing. Dr. Rangiani schedules follow-ups every 4-8 weeks, with comprehensive treatments typically lasting 18-24 months. Adjustment appointments, involving wire changes, bracket repositioning, elastics, or appliances, last between 30-45 minutes.

child wearing braces

Experience the difference of personalized orthodontic care and achieve the dazzling smile you deserve.

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