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Power Chain Braces – Everything You Need To Know

Braces are a one-stop solution if you are suffering from crooked or misaligned teeth and want to get a perfectly shaped smile. However, with traditional braces, chances are that the metal brackets and wires may not always be efficient and delay the process.

This is where power chains come into play. They help improve the movements of your teeth and speed up the braces treatment. If your orthodontist spots a gap in your smile, he may connect power chains to the brackets, making the elastic rest on the top of the braces. This will straighten teeth and correct alignments.

This blog will give you a comprehensive view of power chains braces:

  • What are they?
  • Roles of braces power chains
  • Benefits of braces power chains
  • Pain and discomfort associated with power chain braces, and so on.

Let’s dive in. Read more

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